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The mission of IDC Global is to be that key technology partner with engaging and leading international real estate companies to help elevate their business to the next level: growing the company bottom line through leads, growing internal leadership through access to deep internal data, and growing agents through tools and training to help them build better relationships.


Our vision is to innovate and discover new ways to look at internal and external data, which ultimately leads to better consumer consumption – whether through front-facing websites, web-generated, interactive reports, or back-office marketing tools.


Web Development Services

Pairing the perfect website design with the perfect target audience for mobile, tablet, and desktop clients.

CRM & Lead Management

Cultivating the future of company and agent business through a specialized assortment of automated tools.

Big Data Analytics

Diving deep into market analytics to identify consumer behavior and leverage market trends to drive client interest.

Search Engine Optimization

Giving our partners a competitive advantage through coveted Google and Bing search rankings.

A/B Testing, Call-to-Action Strategy

Specializing in website development with an eye on lead generation and strategies for generating sticky traffic.

Training & Support

Offering skilled training and support for your organization. Our people and our commitment to your business make the difference.

Beautiful, Responsive, Lead-catching Websites

With web technology moving faster than ever before, it’s important to have a partner that stays ahead of the curve – both in design trends as well as codebase. From day one, IDC Global takes special care to produce engaging websites that will drive more business to your agents and offices. Whether that means designing all of the creatives in-house, partnering with your marketing/creative group, or letting you run the creative process – our experienced team of project managers and design experts work hard to fine tune your online image. The end result: a responsive, code-current site that makes you shine online.

Stay in Touch Tools

Our Stay in Touch Tools, powered by datafloat, the industry's leading data analysis software, are simple to use email style reports that keep you and your agents in contact with their clients. Easily send reports on market trends in their city or town, provide information on their neighborhood(s), and give live listing updates in real time.

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We would enjoy spending time with you showing off Market Reports, back-end CRM systems, the ins and outs of SEO, and so much more.